Kaz. Patent 13980 from 13.08.2002.

Russian Patent 2006141922/13 (045774) from 2.07.08.

The roborant remedy of neoplasm treatment (Immunorm. VACCINE REZNIKOVA B.F. AGAINST CANCER, bioprotektor RBF)

The remedy, (immunorm) in case of hypodermic injection forms normal antibodies composing the basis of natural immunity (steadiness to oncological, autoimmunological, viral and allergic deseasss. In normal physiological condition, normal natural antibodies are inherited to a newborn with mother's milk and then they are saved in blood serum on necessary level for the rganism for the whole life. If the level of normal antibodies in blood serum falls till zero, the probability of aging, appearance of the cancerous tumors and other pathological changes in the rganism repeatedly increases in any age.

With the purpose of prophylaxis of malignant regeneration, VACCINE REZNIKOVA is used, the immunizing component of which are relic, cytoplasmic, bacterial membranes which on antigenic structure are related to membranes of cancerous cells and in the case of the hypodermic injection they cause the production of specific anticancer (Normal) antibodies. The vaccine is also as the remedy for the treatment of 1'st stage of hormone depending tumors such as mastitis, ovarian cyst, myoma, adenoma of prostates, prostatitis, as the prophylaxis of metastasis within before and after surgical period of radical ablation of the all types of tumors and the treatment of autoimmunological diseases.

The vaccine may be kept during the period of 5 months, at temperature from +2C to +80. Before usage ampoule should be shaken.

Direction: 1ml of the vaccine should be sterile injected

In case of mastitis: through the hypodermic injection in average of the inner surface of forearm or 2-3 cm above ill milk gland;

In case of diseases of the organs of thorax: under shoulder-blade;

In case of myoma, prostatitis, cyst of ovaries, and preventive puposes: in the third part of buttock;

In case of cancer lesion of the skin: close with the area of lesion.

In 1-3 hours, for people with normal immunological reaction is supposed to appear painful, inflammatory oedema, hyperaemia of skin, at the place of the injection. This reaction is to be disappeared in 5-10 days. Also, the temperature of body may be increased on 1C or 3. In the first two days, general lethargy may occur and the aggravation of painful syndrome in the area of undiagnosed cancerous places as well. It is recommended that neither sedative drugs nor febrifuges should be used.

For two days after vaccination is recommended to keep a bed rest, and during the month the patient should be provided for a valuable feeding and polivitamins. Smoking and alcohol drinks must be excluded. For the purpose of the prevention of appearance of ncological diseases, such practices as abortions, hormone preparations, vagina spirals and everything that might reduce the level of female sexual hormones (astrogens) and raise the level of male hormones (androgens) in rganism must be excluded.

In order to define the effectiveness of the vaccine, the subtitle of normal antibodies is determined before vaccination and in 3-4 weeks after vaccination with the help of serological reaction. If the general and local reactions affected by vaccine were very weak and the subtitle of antibodies was increased no more than 2 times, then in 2-3 months revaccination is recommended with the same dose. For people with the normal immunological reaction, injected for the preventive and medicinal purposes, the resistibility of organism increases, the general state of health gets better, the defensive function of skin and mucous improves, the work of internal organs recovers, the fallout of hairs and teeth stops, the recovery processes after traumas and irradiation expedite, purulent sores disappear, rheumatic arthritises and sclerodermies, as well. The organism becomes resistant to fluenza, to catarrhal diseases, herpes, allergic reactions disappear on sun, some plants and another positive changes.

The usage of the vaccine with the medicinal purpose leads to softening and further disappearing of initial stages of hormone-depending forms of tumors (mastitis, ovarian cyst, myoma, adenoma of prostates, prostatitis, cancroid). In neglected cases, after immunization the braking of proliferation and metastasis occurs. More essential influence on rejection of tumors without surgical or other interference does not occur. There is no effect for benign tumors (such as endometriosis, hyperplasia of prostate). Regular immunization of population might help to save the health of people till venerable age yet in 3-5 years in ecologically unfavorable regions and families, where earlier the cancerous diseases had place, and people with low immunity, as well as athletes, military people and astronauts.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: infectious diseases, high temperature, hypertensive crisis, general exhaustion, sugary diabetes, leucosis, pregnancy. (Leucocytes should be no less than three thousand.

The Author is Candidate of biological sciences Reznikov B.F.

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